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14 juin 2020

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Release year – 2011.
8,8 / 10.
Genres – Drama.
synopsis – An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s decides to write a book detailing the African American maids' point of view on the white families for which they work, and the hardships they go through on a daily basis.
audience score – 390853 votes.
Runtime – 2h 26 m

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching ‘The Help’ as films on historical data has always been of interest to me. What I find frightening is how this appears ‘new’ to most people, the treatment of house servants during those days when in reality people chose to ignore the issue. Bringing light to it now doesn’t justify the actions by these so-called prominent families. What I find most disturbing were some references that their maids were considered like members of the family. Sadly this just isn’t so. A member of the family would sit at the dining room table with the family sharing a meal. You would go visit a family members home. You would shop in public with a member of the family. A member of the family would be introduced as a ‘relative’ and not as ‘Minny or Abileen my maid’ and told to go fetch Mrs. So and So a glass of iced tea. No, these women aren’t ‘like a member of the family. They are your employee.
Separate but equal. A phrase that most people in the South considered to be a fair comment. There was nothing equal when it came to race relations in those days.
As for the movie, I like how certain references to events were named such as the assassination of President Kennedy and Medger Evers and what transpired in the town of Jackson during those events. The clothes and styles of that era were remarkable and the acting was on point.


This movie is true to the spirit of the book which is very important to me. Yet the film also brought to life characters and places that I could not clearly envision until I saw the film. This is one of those rare times when I prefer the film over the book.
The script captures the danger of what the women are doing. Even though I knew what would happen, I still felt anxiety as I wondered what the fallout would be if they,and their « illegal » activities, were discovered. This is a history lesson without being preachy. A film that reveals the history of women that historians in the 60′s did not think were important.
As for the acting, many of the other reviewers have mentioned standout performances. Viola Davis and Octavia L. Spencer deserve Oscar nominations for their portrayals as « the help. Cicely Tyson’s powerful portrayal of Constantine was truly a standout- she broke my heart. Jessica Chastain’s characterization of the « poor white trash » woman who is shunned by the women of the town was luminous. Bryce Dallas Howard does a glorious job of presenting woman driven by ambition to do whatever it takes to hold on to her power and status.
Finally, the costumes and setting were really well done. I was transported me to a time and place I had not visited in a long, long time.
Kudos to all who had anything to do with the making of this film.

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